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Peinture abstraite moderne contemporaine. Acrylique sur toile. Gebs Artiste peintre québécois contemporain. Peintre actuel. Expressionnisme abstrait. Peinture contemporaine grand format.

Gebs Painter, designer in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec, G3A 3B7 Canada 581-305-4180

Geneviève Simard Beaulieu, Quebec painter and designer. Modern and contemporary abstract art.

Abstract painting. Acrylic on canvas. Design of unique and bold products.
Her creations are signed Gebs. 

Geneviève, speaks a universal artistic language in a singular way. Animated by an inner fire that allows her works of art of eclectic styles to spring forth, her inspired creations, whether contemporary, naive or abstract, meet the varied aspirations of art lovers. Her paintings are original, vibrant with spontaneity and generous colors and textures! Small, medium and large size originals are offered on different supports. Some reproductions are also available. 

Geneviève is an experienced designer with a diploma in clothing design and production. She brings her work to life through various decorative products, everyday accessories and beautiful art design clothing. Everything becomes possible and Geneviève loves it! Many new products to come! 

Shiva Gebs Artiste peintre
Shakti art abstrait Gebs Artiste peintre
Artistics Capri Leggins Gebs Tigre blanc 2b.jpg
Artistics Capri Leggins Gebs Tigre noir 4j.jpg
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Leggings »
Signed Gebs
Fabriqués sur demande
Unique and
Artistics Capri Leggins Gebs Shakti 1a.jpg
Artistics Long Leggins Gebs Plaisir 1j.jpg
Commentaires leggings

Commentaires des clientes au sujet des leggings:

« Ma blonde les adore le fit est parfait et les couleurs sont wow. Je ne pense pas que c'est le seul qu'elle va acheter » . Michel

« Look d'enfer ! Je suis conquise! hyper confortable » ! Valérie

« Un super legging qui tient en place peu importe le niveau d'activité physique! Tissus frais et soyeux qui évacue bien la transpiration. En plus du look super attrayant qui se porte avec tout » ! Claire



Gebs Artiste peintre contemporaine québécoise. Art abstrait.  Geneviève Simard Beaulieu

As a self-taught painter for more than 20 years, painting has always been a therapeutic outlet, a path of exploration for the introverted young woman that I was to let the emotional world that vibrated in the depths of my being speak.

I learned to paint by instinct. At first, driven by curiosity and the need to live in the sensation of colors, by the free gestures of brushes and spatulas, today, I am aware that painting and creation are "essential" to my life to express the being that I am. Through my art, the creative fire within me finds the oxygen it needs to live and feed the world with its creative energy. 

The massage therapy that I have been practicing for 13 years has revealed to me all the sense of the artist in me since the day I literally immersed my hands in colors! Just as in the relationship with the body in massage, my hands are the way, to get in touch, to feel, to transmit, ... to offer.

Sphères 24x36 2010 GebsArtiste.jpg
Marie Soleil peinture floral gebsart
Laisse la passion revivre art abstrait papier GebsArt.jpg

See the works for real!

You are attracted by the works of Gebs, a unique invitation to immerse yourself in the heart of his creative universe is offered to you. To discover and appreciate his paintings, come visit his private art gallery located in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures. By appointment only. Please contact her here. 


Winner of the Present'Art "An artistic signature" competition
in St-Augustin de Desmaures. 

Présent'Art St-Augustin-Desmaures Gebs Art gagnante au concours
Geneviève Simard Beaulieu artiste peintre québécoise
Concours Présent'Art St-Augustin-de-Desmaures

The cultural association of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures joins the City of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures and the Caisse Desjardins de Cap-Rouge - St-Augustin in the realization of this ambitious public art project.


This exceptional exhibition of large-scale reproductions includes 34 works by visual artists on two important sites in the city: the Alain-Grandbois library and the Centre communautaire multifonctionnel secteur est. To my great delight, my work "Danses de création originelle" is one of the 34 winners! Hooray!

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