Creation of a commission 

My style and my artistic signature seduce you ... but you can not find the original work that resonates perfectly to illuminate your home or your office? No problem!

EN Art abstrait Gebs Artiste peintre Québec Canada
The creation of custom works of art
is part of my artist offering.

While respecting my style and my favorite artistic signature, that is to say the abstract,  according to your dimensions, the colors in harmony with your interior decor and your preferences, I  create a personalized artwork just for you!


The price of a work is established according to its size.

All you have to do is make an appointment to discuss it together.

Ideally, I will meet you in your home where the work by Gebs will find its place. She will now be part of your family! To nourish the creation of your work in the making, I draw inspiration from the energy of your environment, who you are and your life story. We will discuss your tastes, your needs and what it means for you to welcome a personalized work of art into your home.


Then, we will establish a schedule and the meeting will end with the signing of a contract with respect for both parties.

Does it vibrate for you? Do not hesitate any longer, make an appointment with me!

By phone: 581-305-4180 or by  email .


Refund policy

The refund policy also applies to all custom-made works.



As with all his works including those made to measure, Gebs, Geneviève Simard Beaulieu, painter, retains the copyright on his creations. No reproduction in any form whatsoever is permitted without the written consent of the artist.