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Emerging contemporary Quebec painter.
Modern abstract art. Contemporary painting. Acrylic on canvas.

Geneviève, speaks a universal artistic language in a singular way. Animated by an inner fire that allows her works of art of eclectic styles to spring forth, her inspired creations, whether contemporary, naive or abstract, meet the varied aspirations of art lovers. Her original paintings are vibrant with spontaneity and generous colors and textures! 

An experienced designer with a degree in clothing design and production, Geneviève brings her work to life in a variety of decorative products, everyday accessories and beautiful clothing.

Everything becomes possible and Geneviève loves it!

Artistic approach
contemporary abstract art

Nature, the great spaces inspire me, a feeling of inner freedom inhabits me, a connection of infinity makes everything possible. The vibrant impulse, the free gestures and an ardent energy shape my paintings. The abstract becomes my language.


Intuition and spontaneity carry me into waves of inspiration where time stands still. Creation is born from the Present Moment. Everything that emerges is an inner spurt carried by the constant movement of life.


On the canvas, the dance of my fingers, the freedom and fluidity of my hands connect me to the richness of the movement that emerges at each moment, the pure sensation of creative expression takes hold of my whole being. Then come the brushstrokes and spatula strokes. The vibrant colors, textures and layering are both a game and a ride between my inner connection and the deep desire to express myself and paint the Sacred. Expressionism makes my work come alive.


In this space-time, on the blank canvas, the fusion of two evidences is propelled: the Divine which crosses me revealing a fundamentally immortal reality and that of the emotions and thoughts which emerge from the daily life of my human reality.


My art reveals the connection between my inner world and the outer world which makes the invisible visible. This alchemical dance generates a real ferment of inspiration giving birth to abstract works revealing meaning. The universal language of visual art that touches and inspires speaks for itself. 

art abstrait
Gebs Artiste peintre québécoise émergente.jpg
art naif
Biographie Gebs Artiste peintre québécoise Geneviève Beaulieu Simard

Artistic approach
naive art

Don't children's drawings always touch our heart? This heart of the child who likes to draw, we carry it within us... for life. Buried and sometimes even deeply forgotten.


The first unexpected gift I received from my two little boys, Leonard and Gabriel, was to reconnect with this naivety.


The purity of childhood revealed to me a fundamental need within me: to create in the freedom of being of what is, the fun, the playfulness and the lightness. These precious beings have allowed me to rediscover the simplicity of the child and to reconnect to this enchanting world where everything is pure, beautiful and uncluttered with the mind.


Naive art imposed itself on me. Trees and flowers transformed into living beings of Mother Nature began to dance on my canvases, expressing joy.


Completely immersed in wonder, my collection of naive paintings was born! It's your turn to let yourself be immersed in these paintings and feel your inner child awaken.

Gebs Artiste peintre floral naïf
Gebs Artiste peintre québécoise 6 (1).jpg
Gebs Artiste peintre québécoise art moderne


Meet Geneviève and her story


Dreamer and adventurer, it took me a long time to feel my two feet rooted to the ground!


My life path has taken the "road less traveled" and has often led me down the wrong paths. Yet, so many riches have "forged" me, from self-discovery to personal transformation, from exploration of my inner worlds and the mysteries of the human being to spiritual journeys..., I have walked a lot... my life!


Since my early childhood, creativity in different forms was my signature and has always been an essential part of my life. At the age of 5, I started learning the piano. In high school, I made my place in the music concentration group for the 5 years. My instrument of choice (not ordinary) the alto saxophone. At 17 years of age, clothing design and creation took the place of artistic expression. I obtained two D.E.P.'s, one in garment making and the other in creation of leather garments and accessories.


Disillusioned by the job market, which, as a seamstress, did not really leave any opening to the blossoming of my imagination, I decided to take my backpack and leave to discover our great Canada.  After a few months of pack-sack travel, I was missing the taste and the need to create! It was obvious: I was going back home to Quebec. As soon as I got home, a new form of creation attracted me: painting. It was the first time I plunged brushes into colors... It was not the last. A love story, a real passion was born!


Since I was 19 years old, I explored the world of painting in different ways, with different styles and points of view... Trained by different painters, I started to participate in exhibitions, paintings are sold in Quebec and Western Canada.


In 2009, I entered the world of massage therapy or rather that massage therapy enters me and unexpectedly, it will propel my art in an organic way, an art that touches, that vibrates, that lives by the dance of my hands on the canvas. Since that day, I feel, I know what it is to "create". I have found a life balance between touch and matter, the body, care and imagination, creation and the dance of colors, painting and the sliding of oil on the body. Everything is ONE.


My mission is clear, to offer who I am through the extension of my heart by my hands in massage therapy, Essenes energy treatments or by the creation of artworks. Both soothe the body, the heart, the soul and the Spirit.


Today, at the age of 40, I finally feel free, mature and ready to assume my life, not only as a "Gebs" artist, a self-taught Quebec painter, but also as a co-creator of the beauty of the world and, above all, simply, ready to totally assume my Life as a woman, a mother and an artist of the Living in this new world that is being created at great speed and that needs our contribution.

Gebs Artiste peintre québécoise florissante
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